If you currently use a window AC unit or a portable air conditioner to cool the rooms of your home, you’re missing out on an opportunity for both comfort and efficiency. Central air conditioning systems are designed to operate with an efficiency that window units simply aren’t designed for.

Window units are never quite the right size for the room they’re in. That alone can hinder efficiency by quite a bit, but they also are not held to the same efficiency standards as central air conditioners. They don’t have the higher efficiency ratings of central air conditioning systems today because they simply do not have to, and running these units in several rooms of your house is sure to run up the bills.

You must ensure that your new air conditioner is the right size for your home if you want it to cool the space efficiently. That means that it shouldn’t be too small, as it won’t be powerful enough to cool the space and may run constantly in an attempt to do so.

But it also shouldn’t be too large. An air conditioner that is too large may short cycle, starting and stopping repeatedly, which wears down the components and also hinders efficiency. A Green Apple Plumbing & Mechanical technician can make sure you get the right sized unit for your home.

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