What You Must Know about Your Plumbing

December 11, 2017 | no responses

Outside water valves To protect your pipes and keep them from freezing in the severe cold, turn off the valve that controls the tap for your garden hose. This will avoid water entering the hose and freezing, causing the pipes to burst. Know the location of your home’s main water valve In case of a…

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NJ To Get Snow! Here’s How To Prepare.

December 8, 2017 | no responses

There is snow predicted for the New Jersey area this weekend which means it’s extra important to make sure your furnace is operating at its full potential. The last thing you want to for your HVAC system is too not be operating at it’s optimum while it’s snowing and bitterly cold outside. One of the…

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How Not To Let Heat Escape Your Home

December 7, 2017 | no responses

1- Curtains are excellent for preventing heat loss. You can buy heavy-duty curtains, or thermal lining for your existing ones, for extra insulation. But try not to let your curtains hang over any radiators, as this can stop the heat from warming the room.   2- Insulating your home is one of the best ways…

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How To Safe-Guard Your Home Plumbing This Winter

December 6, 2017 | no responses

Green Apple recommends Insulating pipes in unheated areas, such as attics, crawl spaces and basements. When below-freezing weather is forecast, open cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathrooms. This allows these pipes to get more heat from inside your home. If you leave home for several days, put your furnace on a low setting. This…

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Don’t Let This Happen To Your Furnace

December 5, 2017 | no responses

The most common reason a heating and air conditioning system breaks down is because of a dirty filter. As dirt accumulates, air can’t pass, or worse, the system overheats. The motor then has to work harder. In a best-case scenario, your unit will need to be repaired. In the worst case, if your unit is…

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Why Annual Furnace Inspections Are So Important

December 4, 2017 | no responses

Annual furnace maintenance keeps your furnace running smoothly. The technician inspects parts, replaces ones that have worn out, lubricates parts that require it, checks the unit’s electrical wiring and so on. You wouldn’t put off the tune-up for your car. Think of this as a tune-up for your furnace. Annual furnace maintenance improves efficiency. How? Here’s an…

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Two Hot Tips For Your Furnace

December 1, 2017 | no responses

Programmable Thermostat Use a programmable thermostat to set up a schedule for your furnace & dictate what temperature you want your home to be at specific days and times of the week. So instead of turning your furnace off when you go to bed, or setting it to a very low temperature, you can program…

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Try This Quick Plumbing Fix!

November 30, 2017 | no responses

First, make sure there is no water in the sink. Pour one cup of baking soda followed by one cup of table salt and then pour a cup of white vinegar. Wait for ten minutes and flush it with boiling water. Then the problem should be solved! If This simple solution doesn’t work then call…

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Best Way To Protect Your Furnace From Damage

November 30, 2017 | no responses

Regardless of what type of furnace you have, regular maintenance is key for efficient out comings and money savings. Since dirt is the biggest enemy of your furnace, as it wastes fuel and considerably lowers your furnace’s efficiency, you can save you a lot of money on heating costs as well as avoid expensive repairs…

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Older Home? Check Your Pipes.

November 28, 2017 | no responses

Lead pipes, used in the early 1900s, have a life expectancy of 100 years, but they can leach lead into your drinking water, a potential health hazard. Lead pipes are typically dull gray and the surface of the pipe can be easily scratched with a knife or key. If you suspect that your home has…

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